About BeWell Global


Health is wealth. It is where happiness springs, and a gift to not only yourself, but also your loved ones.

It is BeWell Global’s motto to offer everyone a healthy and wealthy life. Established as a caring company, our corporation is built on an unconventional, ethical business model that puts our clients’ interest and health first.

We have set up a BeWell Centre in Hong Kong, pioneering the introduction and distribution of BeWell Device from Germany. We aim at benefiting ordinary homes with the most precious and advanced medical technology at an affordable price. We work closely with internationally regarded medical experts and professionals who share the same goals and ideals to introduce alternatives to the medical world. As a corporation that cares about our community, we fulfil our corporate social responsibility and donate a proportion of our profits to charity.

It is our goal to devote what we have to charitable purposes.


Our Motto

BeWell Global aims at strengthening our vivacity and offering everyone a better chance to live a healthier, quality life with the advanced technology we introduce.

Our starting point is fighting cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.
Cardio-cerebrovascular diseases have always been a major killer. According to the statistics provided by World Health Organisation, around 17.5 million people died of the diseases in 2005, accounting for 30% of mortality in the world.

Apart from the high death toll, cardio-cerebrovascular diseases also bring long term financial burden to our community. According to a World Health Organisation estimation, from 2006 to 2015, heart disease, stroke and diabetes will cause the loss of US$55.8 billion in national income in China alone.1

BeWell Global has actively participated in the development of low level laser therapy on cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, providing an affordable alternative to conventional medication. The use of this low level laser therapy will relieve the financial burden on cardio-cerebrovascular patients, their families and the community brought on by their huge medical bills.

BeWell Global will donate a proportion of profits to our BeWell Charity Fund to benefit all stratum of society.

1:World Health Organization Fact Sheet # 317, Feb. 2007