BeWell Device is an invention after years of research and tests, made based on the principle of photobiomodulation.

By using BeWell Device, we can absorb 650 nanometer low intensity laser energy effortlessly. This process can improve micro-circulation by instantly increasing erythrocyte deformability, inhibiting the aggregation of erythrocytes and platelets, reducing blood viscosity and increasing antioxidation. BeWell Device has been patented for its invention worldwide, and is gradually getting better known.

BeWell Device – the best solution to common city ailments
Using BeWell Device daily can improve micro-circulation and prevent health issues from occurring. We can then face with ease all the common city ailments that have been threatening us.

Coronary Heart Disease
BeWell Device restores normal blood circulation by normalising the deformability of and inhibiting the aggregation of red blood cells. This chances heart health.

BeWell Device improves conditions of brain vessels by restoring blood viscosity fighting against thromboembolism.

Not only can BeWell Device reduce blood viscosity in time, it can also reduce vessel resistance to blood flow, and maintain healthy blood pressure.

Apart from maintaining a smooth blood flow, BeWell Device can also help lipid transport and beta-oxidation, which in turn prevents the hiking of lipid level and alleviates the side effects caused by hypolipidemic drugs.

Another outstanding benefit of BeWell Device is to enhance the activity of insulin receptor, helping the insulin of diabetes patients to function properly.

Premenstrual Syndrome
You could use BeWell Device to restore the normal level of beta-endorphin in the blood. It also improves blood circulation and reduces the symptoms of premenstrual bloating, water retention and discomfort.

The Truth About Cardio-cerebrovascular Diseases
According to the World Health Organisation, by 2015, cardio-cerebrovascular diseases (including mainly coronary heart disease and stroke) will still be the number one killers, causing 20 million deaths 1. Patients with cardio-cerebrovascular diseases can spend up to US$82,000 each in medical expenses 2.

This is not a small amount even for the middle class.

1 World Health Organization Fact Sheet # 317, Feb. 2007
2 Judith Mackay, George Mensah, The Atlas of Heart Disease and Stroke, World Health Organization, 2004